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Pushing pixels, crushing code, crafting campaigns, and unraveling Linux puzzle every day.

Providing Business Web Solutions that Help You Grow


Elevate your online presence with our comprehensive suite of services. Our expert team combines the art of web design and development with the formula of SEO Strategy to create visually stunning websites and web applications while boosting your search engine rankings. Additionally, our Linux administration services ensure a robust and secure digital infrastructure. Join us on the journey to a seamless online experience, increased organic traffic, and a strong, resilient online presence

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Web Design and Development

Crafting visually stunning websites and web applications, combining design finesse with code wizardry for a seamless online experience.

Organic Marketing

Boosting search engine rankings, increasing organic traffic, and enhancing online visibility through strategic SEO techniques.

Linux Administration

Providing expert Linux server setup, scripting, system administration, and consultation for a robust and secure digital infrastructure.



Dev Rahman's

I created the most active used Linux Distro Created in Bangladesh. I have one of the highest contribution in Bangladesh Linux community. I have worked in many Government Project in Bangladesh. I have worked in Bug Bounty program of Intercom and submitted bug successfully. I have worked in 7 startup and 6 of them was successful and the unsuccessful one is mine, still suffering in lack of funds, management etc.. After all I am interested in joining more startup, work in new interesting projects and gain experience.

Dev Rahman

Why Choose Dev Rahman

Dev Rahman, I named myself in a new way more like a Dev. But does it make me a Good Dev? Or being a Good Dev make me suitable for your project?

I have worked in many projects and startups that gave me huge insights and knowledge. Not everythings comes with experience and that’s why I have made myself flexible and my hunger of knowledge and taking challenge is always keeping me one step ahead. I love to test and work on new things. As I am currently working on UAV, I also know that hardware is expensive so I am trying to create an embed system for my drone. Whatever my knowledge, communication, adaptiblity, flexiblity and suitablity always helps me to contribute on any projects I am interested in. I love my work, project and my hardware.

Let’s keep pushing together nd create something new.

Listen From My Clients

Clients Thoughts On Me

“OMG! I cannot believe that I have got a brand new website that match my expectation. It's super easy to edit and publish new content.”

“Simply the best. I’d recommend him to everyone. I will always prefer to work with you and be tension free. Hope TO See you again very soon. Cheers!"

Tale Of A Human

"Finished my projects on time, accordingly I wanted. I got what I wanted with something more than my expectation. Recommended!"


My Preferred Industries

Health Care
Real State
IT Industries
Corporate Office

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